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Pack of 1230 Assets - Naagin S1

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We are sorry to say that the GCA Massive pack is cancelled due to some technical reasons. In turn we are launching Naagin Creator’s Bundle by merging GCA Pack and 4 Extra Packs. This change has made only for your convenience. We have panned 1230 Total Assets in this Grand Package.
The package contains:
1) Animation Assets Collection:
(Collection of 1000 videos/clips)

i) Snake Assets Pack
(of 800 Animations)
ii) Temple Assets Pack
(of 50 Animations)
iii) Nature Assets Pack
(of 50 Animations)
iv) Animal Assets Pack
(of 50 Animations)
v) Magical Assets pack
(of 50 Animations)

2) 2D Image Assets Collection
(Collection of 100 images)

3) Basic Tutorial Collection
(Collection of 10 Videos)

4) Animated BG Collection
(Collection of 30 Videos)

5) Panoramic BG Collection
(Collection of 10 Videos)

6) Sound Effects Pack
(Collection of 80 Audios)

We have added 100 Animations in our list now, we need 50 more. Help us to complete 150 animations in total.
Download the PDF and examine the animations in the current list. Then, provide us a short description of animation you wanted (other than in the current list), in the comment section.
Download PDF :…
Please submit the suggestions before 20 September 2020.

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